Complaints can be forwarded to the following SERVICOM points of service: SERVICOM Office: Meet our focal officers as follows:

The Vice-Chancellor
E- Mail:
Phone Number: 07085769926
Focal Officer, SERVICOM Unit
E- Mail:
Phone Number: 08164264364
Director of Academic Planning
E- Mail:
Phone Number: 07029570437
Complaints Desk Officer
E- Mail:
Phone Number: 08138849258; 08138533482

NOTE: All information to SERVICOM is strictly confidential; and the secrecy and anonymity of the authors are maintained, unless waived by authors’ decision.

Calls from unidentified callers may not be taken or treated

Frivolous calls may be reported to the appropriate University department

Having received the complaints, SERVICOM Unit acknowledges all written complaints within 48 hours through their media of transmissions; immediately resume investigation; SERVICOM action committee meets immediately and take any resolution at a shortest possible time and in case of more actions demanding any other university’s units and agencies, such agencies and units are appropriately informed for such actions.

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